CroBoCom was founded in 2008 by Geir Myhre Jacobsen and Jan Bratli. CroBoCom is an acronym for Cross Border Communication – meaning that we integrate across technologies and countries.

Ever since 2008, we have been committed to the purpose of helping companies apply and carry out unattended service solutions either as an integrated part of their overall solution along with their traditional manpower-supported services, or as for those companies wanting to make unattended service a comprehensive, dominant part of their business strategy.

Furthermore, we help our customers enhancing established solutions and adjust where needed to ensure the long term sustainability of applied unattended service-solutions.

For us to deliver great services and solutions, we focus among other things to challenge the existing and always look at questions and solutions from various angles.

We do believe in

  • Thinking differently

  • Innovation

  • Cooperation with all stakeholders in our industry to make great solutions

  • Demanding customers who challenges us on a daily basis

  • Skilled and committed employees

Together we develop the most exciting and user-friendly solutions for the benefit of both our customers and end consumers



Ivar A. Ødegaard
Partner, Head of IT

Borgar Døhlen
Partner, Head of BI

Geir Myhre Jacobsen
Partner, Head of Marketing

Fredd Causevic
Partner, CEO

Fredd Causevic
Partner, CEO


Where to find us


0484 OSLO