Unattended service is solutions that enables your company to provide service and products to your customers without direct involvement from persons.


Machines are more connected than ever before. Because of this (According to Gartner Group) machines have an increased ability to supplement human jobs and to reduce the cost of operations. Our research and feedback from the market correlates very well with these statements, where we see a clear trend that the customers who use our solutions are experiencing:
- Increased earnings
- Reduced costs
- Improved service to their customers

Within the industry of unattended service, we focus primarily on the fields of payment and intelligence.

In the payment area, we focus lot of our development on mobile payment solutions, both due to its simplicity, but also due to availability to consumers and the availability of efficient pricing models.

Intelligence is an important aspect also because by gathering data, we strengthen the performance of our clients.

We can help you increase your efficiency in administration and operations of you vending machine portfolio by offering tools for your fillers and technicians, or by providing you with a tool to carry out marketing activities towards you customers on a mobile platform.